I've always loved cooking. But when I became a mom, I didn't have the same time to make homemade meals from scratch every day. I started looking for kitchen shortcuts like pre-made sauces and condiments. But whenever I reached for sauce from my pantry, I felt like I was cheating.

—Carolyna, Our Pantry Founder

Put confidence back in your pantry.

Too many brands operate with opaque supply chains and neglect our environment. Plus, who were the chefs actually behind these tasty products? We decided to partner with experts to craft a line of pantry staples that would bring accountability into the kitchen and make shortcuts something to celebrate.

You deserve transparency.

Feeling great about what you're making is about more than what you put on the table. It's delicious ingredients you believe in, co-signed by tastemakers you trust.


We believe traceability is the foundation of sustainability. Because we know where our ingredients come from, we can be discerning about working only with the highest quality ingredients and partnering with farmers doing things the right, climate-friendly way. What’s more, we invest in the Gold Standard Climate + Portfolio to buy carbon offsets to minimize any impacts from our operational model. Meet some of our suppliers:

Cosi Come

Campania, Italy

Sourcing datterini tomatoes from a 24-farm cooperative, Cosi Come is committed to producing a pure, traceable Italian product, from seed to label.

Fire Tongue Farm

California, USA

Farmers Ryan and Levon are dedicated to building healthy soils, preventing soil erosion and conserving water.


India, Indonesia, Philippines

Fair trade supplier sources ingredients from farmers prioritizing organic and regenerative practices that help increase carbon sequestration & utilize every part of the coconut to ensure there is no waste.

Meet our other suppliers
Women Owned Traceable Climate Friendly No Artificial Flavors Chef MadeConvenient