Basket of herbs

Meet Our Suppliers

Basket of herbs

Around here, traceability is king (or should we say queen). Our team searched the world for the highest quality ingredients and works exclusively with manufacturers who allow us full control over our supply chain.

In an effort to be 100% transparent with you, we spotlight a couple of our suppliers on our main product pages but we want to share our longer list of ingredients here.  We keep this up to date as seasonal changes shift who we source from. As always, we commit to prioritizing organic and regenerative ingredients where available, and only working with suppliers that can provide country of origin traceability.

We've been asked if we worry others may copy us and the answer is: we hope so. By publicly sharing who our suppliers are, we hope to increase the number of purposefully made products with the same standard of accountability. Whether you support our brand or not, we want you to feel confident in your meal and every step leading up to it.

Ingredient Supplier Country of Origin
Olive Oil Arrezzio Spain
Organic Tomato Paste Morningstar CA, USA
Organic Onion Grimmway Farms CA, USA
Yellow Cherry Tomatoes Cosi Come Campania, Italy
Fine Sea Salt Roland Italy
Basil Herbs by the Pound Colombia
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Bragg USA
Organic Ground Pepper Essential Organics India/Sri Lanka
Organic Diced Tomatoes Morning Star USA
Roasted Onions Van Drunen Farms USA, China, Mexico
Scallions D'Arrigo CA, USA
Smoked Chipotle Flakes Burlap + Barrel
Annato Powder My Spice Sage Peru
Black Urfa Chili Burlap + Barrel Turkey
Organic Coconut Nectar Covico Phillipines
Tamarind Paste Concentrate Bell & Flower Thailand
Grapeseed Oil Savor Italy
Pureed Ginger Van Drunen Farms China
Organic Coriander Essential Organics Egypt/India
Organic Cumin Essential Organics Egypt/India/Indonesia
Smoked Paprika Burlap + Barrel Spain
Organic Hacho Miso Natural Imports USA/JAPAN
Organic Tomato Paste Morningstar USA
Rice Vinegar Marukan CA, USA
Organic Pureed Garlic Van Drunen Farms China